ACS MINI NINJAS Student Application Form

Full address, House number, street name, town

In order to use photos/movies of our students on our website(s), formal literature, press or training materials, we require parental/guardian consent for all students under the age of eighteen.

Parental/Guardian consent:
I hereby give permission for photos/movies of my child/ward, taken as either part of a group, in competition or individual ‘student of the month’ type portrait to be used by ACS Martial Arts for promotional activity, including the press, and website use provided no full names are used which could be used to identify my child/ward

Parental/Guardian denial:
I do not grant permission for photos/movies to be taken of my child/ward
at any ACS or ACS affiliated event/training session

The information submitted on this form, will be used by ACS MINI NINJAS/ACS MAGFA, for recording student details required for processing membership. All personal details recorded on this form will not be lent, sold, shown or given to any 3rd party organisation other than our association who require these details for their own membership records.

I have read and agree to your terms and conditions View